Release of cast-web v1


after months of work I'm happy to finally release version 1.0.0 of cast-web!

If you're upgrading from a previous version, there are big architectural changes that make upgrading more difficult. Learn more about it here.

I tried to address the most annoying shortcomings of cast-web and here are some of the most important improvments:

  • no more polling, the API stays constantly connected to your cast-device and updates ST the second that something changes
  • audio notifications can now resume the preset that was playing before the notification was played (or play on you specified in settings)
  • audio notifications can now use Google TTS in different languages and voices (thanks to @CultusMechanicus)
  • playback of queued content (more features coming in the next release)
  • automatic group detection and new Google cast icons

You can check the full changelog on GitHub.

The revamped cast-web-api is the foundation for even more exiting features in the next release. It also allows for an easier transition should the ST groovy IDE go away in the future.

I want to thank the beta testers over at the ST community @Alwas, @Timeteo, @Matt_Behnken, @aniceberg and @WasHerald. They greatly contributed to making v1 more stable and (hopefully) bug free. Also a huge thank you to everyone who kindly donated to help me dedicate more of my time to the project. You will get a more prominent shout-out soon.