Updating from a version below 1.x


if you're reading this, you're probably using cast-web for quite some time now. First off, I want to thank you. Feedback and participation from people like you have helped shape this project significantly. Version 1 is a significant step forward and adds some of the most requested features.

It finally doesn't have to poll your device every x seconds. It basically works like push notifications on your phone now. Or in Google Cast terms, it's as fast as the Google Home app. You can now cast stuff from your phone and the second you press the volume button on your phone, ST will display the new volume. This is quite impressive considering that every packet goes through two hops before arriving on your phone.

We also have voice notifications in multiple languages and with a Google voice now. You can finally resume a preset after your notification, you can even queue up multiple stations/songs/videos that will play one after the other. There're so many new features and so many more to come. Just try it yourself!

The bad stuff

You'll have to remove all of your cast-web devices from SmartThings.

That's the worst part. V1 brings an architectural change that in ST can only be achieved on install. Every cast-web device is now the parent of a cast-web-api device. Existing devices cannot be 'moved' to a parent device.

I want to point out here, that you don't need to upgrade. Every old version is going to continue to work fine. V1 brings a lot of new features, it is wicked fast, but the older versions are not going away. This is the advantage of having a local installation, you choose when to update or whether at all.

How to update

  1. Note down how your cast devices are currently used (what to restore after reinstall) and copy your preset objects if you use them
  2. Remove all cast-web devices. You can try to directly remove the SM, but this often fails with a weird error message.
  3. Remove the Service manager
  4. Stop the cast-web-api
  5. Follow the new install instructions

Keep in mind that you now have to install two DTHs 'cast-web-device' (formerly cast-web) and a DTH called 'cast-web-api'. This will show up in ST as a device after install.

What happend to group-sync?

It's now redundant. The API now automatically detects groups, connects to their members and syncs the playback.

If you want to level the volume on a group, just add the group to ST and set the volume twice. Setting the volume once, for example to 20%, will set the volume on the group. If the volume is already at 20%, it will level all other members to 20% as well. Just tap the volume slider a second time.