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File access errors

Symptomsassistant setup authorize button cannot be clickedassistant setup progress lost after reloadSolutionsInaccessible configuration files happen on certain platform. This will be fixed in the next release. For the time being here are some solutions See the GitHub issue. The directory that needs to be accessible is /lib/assistant. Advanced: Make…

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Assistant configuration lost after update

Assistant configuration lost after updateUpdating cast-web-api can lead to the google assistant configuration files being deleted. Go to {your api ip address}/assistant/setup and follow the guide again. This will be fixed in the next release. 

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'GoogleAssistant not installed'

What causes this issue?For the Assistant features a package called 'google-assistant' needs to be installed. Since there are often issues when installing that package, it is marked as optional. Meaning when you installed cast-web-api v>1.0 it couldn't install this package and just skipped it. However…

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