Release of cast-web v1.2.0

There's no need to updated the DTHs or service manager with this release. The version number was just increased to notify useres of the update through the Smartthings app.

Version 1.2.0 includes some minor bug fixes and new features, like callbacks that are saved in a config file now. See the full changelog here.

The major change is the seperation into three different projects:

  • cast-web-api: the main api itself
  • cast-web-api-cli: it wraps the api and manages it, no need to install forever, etc. just run cast-web-api-cli start or stop/status, etc. takes care of everything, even after reboots
  • cast-web-api-desktop: also wraps and manages the api but is a proper desktop application, for win/mac/linux, just download and install, like any other application

How do I update?

That depends on your use case.

As easy as possible

Great news! There's now a proper desktop application called `cast-web-api-desktop`. Just download and install like any other application, click start and you're all set. See the install guide for more info.

Make sure to uninstall everything if you are updating.

  1. npm uninstall cast-web-api -g
  2. npm uninstall forever -g

I'm not scared of the terminal, but as easy as possible please

Great news for you too! The new `cast-web-api-cli` package wraps an manages the api and provides, easy, short commands to manage it. All without requiring a monitor or gui, so you can use it headless on a server.

  1. npm uninstall cast-web-api -g
  2. npm install cast-web-api-cli -g node-gyp errors still possible for now
  3. cast-web-api-cli to get the usage guide
  4. cast-web-api-cli start to start the api in the background

You'll find all the commands in the usage guide.

I know what I'm doing in the terminal

You guessed it, great news too! If you have found a way to manage the api, that works for you (like forever/pm2), nothing changes. Since the cast-web-api package is the base for all other packages, you'll receive all the updates as usual and can continue using your setup. The update is just an `npm update` away.